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The Paradise Trap


The Paradise Trap

By Catherine Jinks


Marcus and his Mum’s caravan has a deep, dark secret…

It all started when Mum decided to go to Diamond Beach for a camping holiday. But her Diamond Beach has changed a lot since Marcus’ Mum was last there, and now everything is dirty, nasty and overcrowded. This could turn out to be the worst holiday ever!

But one day, Marcus and his new friends the Huckstepps discover doors hidden below the caravan. Stepping through the doors leads you to your dreams… and your nightmares.

Soon Marcus, Mum and the Huckstepps are trying to escape from a dangerous world of lies and temptation. This is a fast-paced action read, perfect for just about every person.

It’s easy to get into the doors… but how do you get out?



Hi! I'm Matilda. I have a blog about books and words and writing, and I love all three. My main goal in life is to end world poverty and afterwards eat lots of chocolate. 2018 will be my first year of high school. I have a love/hate (but mostly hate) relationship with homework. Three things you should know about me: 1. I am at that stage in blogging where I've stopped posting because I can't be bothered but then feel guilty and write up a schedule so I do, 2. I HATE guns: don't take one near me, 3. Reading takes up at least 50% of my waking hours.

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