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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking


By Susan Cain


Quiet was a powerful book that I read for the information that it presented. I hardly ever read non-fiction books, but this one was on a topic that particularly interesting to me. Author Susan Cain illustrates our “extrovert ideal” perfectly, and the amount of thought that has gone into writing this book is incredible. I read this book so that I could learn more about introverts, extroverts and the extrovert ideal, and now I could tell you almost anything on the topic. The way that the author presents the information is mind blowing. The book wasn’t written for kids, but it’s still quite an easy read (not that easy, but still a little easy). I think that while this probably isn’t a book for kids, anyone interested in the topic would absolutely love it. I did! This book is really empowering, so I’d suggest it to any introverted person.



Hi! I'm Matilda. I have a blog about books and words and writing, and I love all three. My main goal in life is to end world poverty and afterwards eat lots of chocolate. 2018 will be my first year of high school. I have a love/hate (but mostly hate) relationship with homework. Three things you should know about me: 1. I am at that stage in blogging where I've stopped posting because I can't be bothered but then feel guilty and write up a schedule so I do, 2. I HATE guns: don't take one near me, 3. Reading takes up at least 50% of my waking hours.

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