Time Follows You (a piece of my writing)

Time is like a shadow, always following you. Although it is intangible, it is always there, swirling around you, the past, the present, the future. All around the world, clocks are ticking, seconds are passing, Time is moving on. There is never a tomorrow, as by the Time it comes, it is already today. The past is gone, and Time is in the present, never to return until, in the future, minds drift to memories which were thought lost. The past, revisited, brings laughter, anger, fear, tears. Time appears transparent, but as you flick through the chapters of the storybook that is your life, it becomes solid, taking the shape of something that is hazy, veiled, shrouded in mist. What is Time? A nightmare, a friend? A hero, a villain? A spy, following, examining your life, scrutinizing your every move? The mystery of Time is buried deep under a mountain of secrets. Will it ever be unearthed?

Hope you like it! We did this in Year 5 with a stimulus of “Time”. I’ve edited it slightly. 😀


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