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Stories of the Wild West Gang

Stories of the Wild West Gang

By Joy Cowley

Michael lives in an impeccably clean house with his impeccably clean mother and his impeccably clean father and his impeccably clean dog. (No, just kidding, the dog isn’t real: Michael’s Mum is allergic to flea bites.) But then, one day, his cousins move near them. They’re a rambunctious lot, the Wests: Miranda (who Michael secretly has a crush on), Royce (a growing entrepreneur), Jeannie (who loves mice), Johnny (who dances), Auntie Rosie (who says terrible and funny things), Uncle Leo (who’s Irish), and Grandadda West (who’s “a wicked old man”). Read with glee as Michael and the Wests go camping, are sick, go to a wedding, fundraise, run stalls in a school fair and much more. These rollicking tales are ones you can’t put down! For a guaranteed good read, borrow this book. It’s one of my favourites.

WTB: Dickson, Erindale and Woden libraries

Age group: 7+ (mild references to drinking and smoking, although they are mostly frowned upon)

Verdict: LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 10/10





Hiya! I'm Matilda LJ. I LOVE reading and writing! They're my favourite things to do! I'm in year 6 this year and I'm sooo excited! I really want to be a teacher when I grow up, and dream of changing the world for the better.

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