Hi! My name’s Matilda. I love reading and writing, which is why I am publishing this blog. I am going to review books and share some of my writing. Perhaps you should also know that I’m a self-published e Book author (WOW!). But I love reading and have a great appreciation for literature. Read this blog to help you choose which books you read (and I seriously recommend ones by R.A Spratt… she is my idol! I love her books) and also to help you find your place in reading. So what are you waiting for? Start reading some of my reviews!!!!

PS If you read my blog, a big shout out to you: you’re amazing!!!!!!

My blog has had 375 visitors: can we top that?????????

xxxo Matilda



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Matilda,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews. I particularly agree with your assessment of The Thirteen Story Treehouse. I also found it un-inspiring – especially the language and the plot. I also agree whole-heartedly about the excellence of The Indian in My Cupboard.
    Keep those great reviews coming.
    Sally Grant


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