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Ruby Redfort: Pick your Poison


Ruby Redfort: Pick your Poison

By Lauren Child


Ruby Redfort, Spectrum’s youngest member appears yet again in this action packed book, this time trying to unravel an even more mysterious case. Strange ads are appearing around town, and the weather’s going crazy. When two highly dangerous criminals escape from prison, Ruby’s life is put in danger yet again. And even more worrying is the thought that there might be a mole in Spectrum. But when Ruby gets into trouble, how is she going to get out to work on the case? And why is everyone at Spectrum ignoring her? Hey there buster, you’re in for a wild ride! This is a great book and it’s fantastic for kids who don’t often like reading or love action-packed, suspenseful stories.  

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking


By Susan Cain


Quiet was a powerful book that I read for the information that it presented. I hardly ever read non-fiction books, but this one was on a topic that particularly interesting to me. Author Susan Cain illustrates our “extrovert ideal” perfectly, and the amount of thought that has gone into writing this book is incredible. I read this book so that I could learn more about introverts, extroverts and the extrovert ideal, and now I could tell you almost anything on the topic. The way that the author presents the information is mind blowing. The book wasn’t written for kids, but it’s still quite an easy read (not that easy, but still a little easy). I think that while this probably isn’t a book for kids, anyone interested in the topic would absolutely love it. I did! This book is really empowering, so I’d suggest it to any introverted person.

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The Paradise Trap


The Paradise Trap

By Catherine Jinks


Marcus and his Mum’s caravan has a deep, dark secret…

It all started when Mum decided to go to Diamond Beach for a camping holiday. But her Diamond Beach has changed a lot since Marcus’ Mum was last there, and now everything is dirty, nasty and overcrowded. This could turn out to be the worst holiday ever!

But one day, Marcus and his new friends the Huckstepps discover doors hidden below the caravan. Stepping through the doors leads you to your dreams… and your nightmares.

Soon Marcus, Mum and the Huckstepps are trying to escape from a dangerous world of lies and temptation. This is a fast-paced action read, perfect for just about every person.

It’s easy to get into the doors… but how do you get out?

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The Sisters Club: Rule of Three

The Sisters Club: Rule of Three

By Megan McDonald


Everything comes in threes: knife, fork, spoon. Red, yellow, blue. Scissors, paper, rock. Stevie is in a three with her two sisters (both members of the sisters club, OF COURSE!). There’s Alex, Actor. Joey, scribe and Little Women enthusiast. And Stevie, of course. Peacekeeper, singer, baker. Joey’s thing is writing. Alex’s thing is acting. And Stevie… Stevie doesn’t know what her special ‘thing’ is. But when both Stevie and Alex try out for the school musical, things don’t go quite to plan. Can all three sisters deal with the hateful betrayal and vicious backstabbing they are faced with? And can Stevie finally find her stardom?

Rating: 9/10

Verdict: Interestingly conflictual

Age group: Upper Primary

WTB: Gungahlin library, Erindale library

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Paddy the Beaver


Paddy the Beaver

By Thornton W. Burgess
I listened to this book in audiobook format. Paddy Beaver has just moved to the green forest, green meadows, smiling pool and laughing brook (the area in which the story is set). He is hard at work building a dam and making a pond, house and food supply for the winter. However, when the smiling pool stops smiling and the laughing brook stops laughing, the animals of the green forest aren’t so sure that this strange new animal is wanted. Sammy Jay just plain wants him gone! But Paddy continues working, and eventually the animals warm to him, particularly Sammy Jay, whom he forms a special friendship with. But when the time comes for Sammy to prove his friendship to Paddy, will he be able to? Can Sammy protect Paddy from the sharp Old Mr. Coyote?

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By Jim Davis


This is a comic book. The hilarious, fat, food-loving Garfield delights me yet again. He’s back with hilarious phrases and frank accusations: ‘Diet is die with a t!’ Be prepared to laugh until your sides ache at this book which, thankfully, contains no actual reference to soccer apart from the title.

Rating: 10/10

Verdict: LOL!!!!!! :’ D

WTB: Not available at ACT public libraries 😦

Age group: Baby to adult

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Careful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For

By Maureen McCarthy


In this book, a girl called Ruth goes searching for her lost toy rat. But when she finds Rodney the Rat, he offers her something surprising: the chance to create her perfect life. She thinks her life can’t get any worse: her parents are embarrassing, her brothers annoying and her house a mess. She doesn’t have any friends and her aunt’s just died. But what is the life she wants? And will she find it with Rodney the Rat?


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The Yellow Fairy Book

I will now post every week. Sorry about being away for so long and not posting for ages! 😀

The Yellow Fairy Book

By Andrew Lang


This book is a compilation of fairytales put together in the late 1800s. The one I enjoyed most was one about three women tricking their husbands into doing ridiculous things. Whoever tricked him the best didn’t have to pay for their Sunday treat. The women tricked their husbands very well: one made their husband think he was a dog, and the other made him think he was dressed when in fact he was completely naked. But the winning woman made her husband honestly think he was dead. And she didn’t have to pay.

WTB: Not in print. Available for free on Kindle.

Rating: 9/10

Age group: 7-100

Verdict: Fabtastic!