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NaNoWriMo Chapter 19

The (not real) Moon and How I Busted Out of There

At exactly 2:00 am, I stepped off the rocket ship. Without a suit. Or a plastic fishbowl over my head to serve as one.

I was right in my hypothesis. I was safe: it wasn’t the real moon. The real moon would be too expensive. Even my ransom wouldn’t pay for that.

I was also right in my other hypotheses. I saw a camera blinking at me from out of the darkness. Security. I just hoped that my third one would be correct.

2 am is the hour most likely for people to fall asleep in. All the excitement of midnight has passed, and it is unlikely that they would be able to stay awake for much longer. I just hoped that Jessie and her gang had taken more cost cuts and not swapped the guards over.

I snuck out of the room, expecting at any moment for there to be cars and red lights all around me. But no. All was still, and I walked out undisturbed.

The next series of events were all a blur. A taxi man that I hailed recognised me from the news, so he took me home. I was enveloped in a flurry of kisses from my parents and a lot of giant hugs.

Then, I fell asleep. That much I know.

Later, I was taken to a police station. I was asked to identify the faces of my kidnappers and explain what they did to me. I did this without thinking.

They still haven’t been caught.

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NaNoWriMo Chapter 18

The Ransom (and why it wasn’t paid)

When I awoke, it was in my bedroom. My parents (whom I couldn’t remember at all) were looking over at me. I blinked hazily.

“You paid the ransom?” They nodded. I threw my arms around them.

“So you remember us, then?” they asked, delighted. I slowly nodded my head.

“A bit. I was pretty thoroughly brainwashed, though. But I can get to know you again!” They nodded, but less convincingly than last time.

“Did they get those crooks locked up? You know, that girl left me on autopilot.”

“We know darling, but don’t you know how you escaped? Don’t you remember everything?”

“No, what is there to remember? I didn’t escape… did I?”

And that was when I woke.

I was still on the rocket ship, and the autopilot was still on. But that dream had brought with it a brainwave: a brainwave and a memory. I thought back to the time… a time that I remembered… when my parents were at home.

I puffed up the mansion steps, entered the house and flopped down on the sofa. I was exhausted. For some reason, Mum had thought that it would be a good idea if I exercised a bit. I didn’t agree.
I heard my parents talking in the background. “Wow,” said Dad. “Look at this!” Mum leaned over, craning her neck to see the screen in front of dad. When she could finally see, she let out a low whistle. “Wow!” she said. “It costs more money than we have combined to send a rocket to Mars. Yet what does NASA do? Waste money on those pointless reconnaissance missions.”

More money than we have combined…

It was like a thousand bells were ringing all at once inside my head. And so I made my plans.

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NaNoWriMo Chapter 17

The (real) moon (and why it wasn’t great)

The real moon probably would’ve been better if a) I had food and water and b) it wasn’t all part of a plot to kill me.

The moon was still quite amazing. It was dusty and inside the rocket ship, I could float around to my heart’s content. Outside, I saw stars and Earth (obvs!) spinning like a giant blue marble. It was mostly blue, I was surprised to discover.

All this time, I was formulating a plan to get back to Earth, but it wasn’t easy. After all, this was the real moon, not just a specially designed stage. And I didn’t have a spacesuit.

After a while, I still had zero plans. I really needed some, and quick. So I decided to try an extremely risky one.

A minute later, I was lying convincingly on the floor, gasping for breath and wheezing out words “Help…” I croaked. “I’m dying!” I rolled around on the floor, clutching at my throat, making agonizing sounds and screaming.

I didn’t know what illness I was trying to fake, but I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it. Disappointingly, Jessie didn’t agree. A ginormous screen in the middle of the rocket lit up with her face and she started talking. “Well, it’s getting boring here in Mission Control, so we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Autopilot has now been switched off, so I’m afraid that our dying little prisoner will now have to play pilots. Toodlepip!” Her fake, cheery smile and cutesy wave blinked off the screen.

Now was my chance. I was in complete control of the rocketship. This was how I was going to get home! Then I remembered a very tiny… well, actually, it probably wasn’t that tiny… detail. I had no idea how to fly a rocket ship.

That was when I blacked out.

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NaNoWriMo Chapter 16

Who I Am

I just looked at this story and I realised that you have no idea who I am. I guess that I was just too caught up in getting the details right. You couldn’t even get an idea of who I am because I was too busy being passive and not thinking about what my actual feelings were at the time. Well, now that I’m quite a way into this I’m going to start from the beginning and give proper introductions this time.

You see, I’ve never been that great at introductions and truth be told I’ve always been quiet: at least, I thought I was, but I guess you never can tell, especially when you’ve been brainwashed by the person who you thought was your sister!

Sorry, I’m a bit emotional at this point: understandably so. My name is Georgia Smythe and this is my story.

I auditioned for a reality TV show thinking it would be fun, and then it ruined my entire life: literally my parents now have to pay a huge ransom and… I should probably calm down. OK, deep breaths, let me start again.

My name is Georgia Smythe and I am the girl who was kidnapped. I thought it was my sister who kidnapped me, but I don’t have any sisters: that’s what Jessie told me. I can’t believe she was an actor all that time. I remember her at our third birthday: I remember playing on the swings with her: I remember always loving her: I remember. I remember so much of her, but obviously, it never happened: she was an actor all along. I can’t believe it.

I don’t know what to believe now. There really is nothing left for me to hold onto. I can’t trust anything. Now, there’s no point in me thinking that anything’s real, there’s literally nothing.

I’m about to the moon but no food or water. I’ve always been quiet and I’ve always held my emotions inside me but that doesn’t mean that I don’t ever feel insecure. Inside I was always so nervous it was horrible.

I remember one day I came home from school and I’d been in this huge friendship fight but I never told anyone maybe I should have. Maybe I should have told everyone everything: if I did that maybe it would have been a bit easier, maybe this would never have happened.

It’s too late now. Too late to wish on maybes and it’s and buts. They confessed and frankly, I don’t care. I don’t care if I die: I know I’m going to. I can tell my parents don’t love me enough to pay a huge ransom just to get me back and I’m not going to get out of this on my own.

My name is Georgie Smythe, and I’m not coping anymore.

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NaNoWriMo Chapter 15

After the Confession

After the confession, everything changed. It was like someone had pulled a cover over my life that completely changed it and that was just the beginning of it. At the start, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t think of things the same way I did before the confession. Now I just think I was psychic.

The confession didn’t change me like I thought at the time. No, the confession changed everyone else: and that included Jessie. You probably already know about this, after all, it must be making all the news headlines back down on Earth, but I’d like to tell it from my point of view.

One day, when I got back from a wedding, there was no one in the Dome. I looked outside and I saw that the Dome was travelling along a road. Suddenly people burst in.

I was frightened: I was terrified. The people were wearing black masks and black clothes. They had disguised themselves very well, so I couldn’t see who it was at the time. I was bundled up, trussed like a turkey and then left in the car, tied up and gagged and blindfolded. I screamed, but no one could hear.

Later, I was put into a cell. I banged on the cell wall, screaming, demanding to know where Jessie was. She was the first thing on my mind back then, but now… well, I guess she still is, but for a different reason. Suddenly a voice came out of the loudspeakers. I had no idea that there were loudspeakers before that voice came, in fact, I really thought there were none, but I guess then it changed, probably because noise came out of the loudspeakers, but that’s irrelevant. Let’s get back to the story, I’m just trying to distract myself: procrastinate. This was probably the worst moment in my life. The voice said, “So you want to know where your sister is? Look around, you’ll soon see her.” And with that, the cell door opened. She stepped in, wearing black clothes and a black mask.

“Well, well, so here’s my little sister,” she said. I was shocked: she couldn’t have kidnapped me, it couldn’t have been her, I knew it: or did I?

“Oh, no, little sissy’s scared. Are you okay, little sissy?” She laughed manically. “After you ruined ‘My Moon Wedding’, the ratings dropped. Millions of dollars were lost. And for what? Just a little girl. So you were brainwashed. You were made to think that you had a twin sister, who auditioned for the part with you when really it was just you, yourself and yours truly. I am an actress. I am not your sister. In fact, I hate you. You are an annoying little creep and I wish you were never born.”

“And my parents?” I asked in a tiny voice.

“Actors, both of them. You do have real parents, of course, but they are not who you think they are. Which brings us to my next point. Why do you think you were kidnapped?” She paused and then continued without waiting for an answer. “Your parents are rich. Billionaire rich. And their giant ransom will bring their daughter back from the moon, which is where you are about to go. Finally, your dream will come true. You’ll love it, with no food or water up there.”

I gulped. I’d be dead in a very short amount of time… and I couldn’t remember my real parents. Did they care enough about me to pay billions of dollars in a ransom, just to get me back?

I sure hoped so.

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NaNoWriMo Chapter 14


Eventually, we confronted them. We had to in the end.They confessed everything, naturally: I don’t think they were very good at standing up to pressure.

Later I wondered what it would have been like if they didn’t confess: how much trouble we would have been saved: what might not have happened, but it’s too late now. They confessed.

We… sorry, I… thought that would be the end of it, we thought the show would be cancelled but it wasn’t. It went on being My Moon Wedding (or My Not Moon Wedding to be more accurate about it) and then, well….

Everything changed.

But I don’t want to get into that, although I guess I’ll have to.

After they confessed we weren’t really sure what to think. They said, in front of millions of people, that they were actresses being paid to do a job and that it was just us who were really the stars of the show.

We had been lied to, cheated. We asked them about why it wasn’t actually on the moon and they said that it would be too expensive: just as I guessed.

I wish they hadn’t confessed… I wish that it had gone on like it was…

When I confessed we became a danger to the people running the show. The show was ruined: they lost viewers, ratings plummeted. Millions of dollars were lost and there wasn’t much they could do to earn it back.

I wish that we had thought of a better way… I wish that we hadn’t made them confess, I wish those millions of dollars weren’t lost because it would have changed everything. But there’s no use in wishing, is there? It doesn’t change anything.

If my wishes came true, right now we would be safe, our parents wouldn’t be worrying about us, nothing would have gone wrong. We would have been on national television nothing could possibly have gone badly.

We couldn’t be where we are right now. We would be safe. It wouldn’t have gotten dangerous, nothing bad would have happened, nothing…

But we made them confess and this is where I’ve stopped writing the story properly. I’ve stopped being neutral, I’ve stopped being indifferent because this is where it got dangerous and this is where I have to tell the story from my view. I have to stop being so passive. Right now I’m scared. I’m scared for my life and I’m scared that if this reaches Earth it’s going to be too late. Right now I have to get on with this and start saying things that will actually help me because this is where it got dangerous.

I’m going to stop trying to protect my identity. I’m going to tell you the true story.

My name is Georgia Smythe and I am the girl who was kidnapped.

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NaNoWriMo Chapter 13

Back in the Dome

Back in the Dome, the twins were as stuck up as ever. When we suggested playing another game they just shrugged it off. They said it was a terrible idea and they wanted to do some peaceful meditation instead. we missed Selma and Mary’s happy side: it wasn’t nice being next to the stuck-up twins and having to live with them every day. Surprisingly we realised that we didn’t actually ruin that many weddings we were mostly just staying at home or what had to come to be our home for almost every single day. It was really boring without any good games to play and with our stuck up companions. We wished that they would just loosen up again like they did that one night. I wondered if it had anything to do with the phone call Mary had received.

I decided to tell Jessie about the phone call. She didn’t react very well: she had heaps of suspicions and she didn’t think that it would be a good idea to front them up without evidence. We made a plan to show them up in front of everyone who was watching the show. It consisted of spying on the girls: I know, it wasn’t exactly the most brilliant plan you could ever come up with but it wasn’t bad.

Our main aspect of spying was to listen to the phone calls that the girls were constantly receiving: they would get one every night now. We listened to a few, but we couldn’t hear them properly, so we decided to move under the twins’ beds so we could hear. After we listened from there, there was no going back. It wasn’t comfortable but we found out a lot because we could actually hear the people who were talking to Mary and Selma. We heard things said to them like:  the other twins were figuring it out, they should not, she should not be, she should be more careful, she should work harder, she should be a better actress, they suspected. she just responded meekly: she was afraid of whoever was talking to her. Eventually,  Jessie pieced it together. She figured out that it would be a show about us and us only. The other girls, Mary and Selma, maybe they were actresses: they had been criticized for their acting skills. And the weddings… that was just a hoax: the whole idea was for us to be put on a fake moon with fake people around us and see how we would cope living with the most stuck up twins ever. Well, that was she thought until we remembered that it couldn’t be true because the man who had done the interview with us had written down on his clipboard all about the way we would fit perfectly with those girls which meant that they had auditioned just like us. Or maybe that was a hoax too… Everything was getting so confusing. Now I hardly knew what to believe.